In October 1994 a new sport municipal institution of additional education appeared in Cherepovets. The name of the sport center is Sport school of martial arts for children and the youth. Its goal is to unite all kinds of martial arts which existed in Cherepovets at that time: wu shu, karate, kickboxing, aikido. At the very beginning the training took place in the small gym in Krasnodontsev street, house 49. Later the city hall provided another small gym nearby in the same street, house 51 where department of bodybuilding and powerlifting was housed.

In 2004 The Center of martial arts celebrated its 10th anniversary in a new building where the inauguration ceremony took place in November 2003. The Chairman of the Committee on Physical culture and sport of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Fetisov was present there. He highly appreciated the activity of the Center of martial arts, original techniques and concepts of sport development in this institution. He also appreciated the new sport facilities, the project of the Center which is optimal for developing martial arts.

In February 2009 a new branch of the Center of martial arts - appeared in district number 104. Its address is Oktyabrsky prospect, 56. It gives more possibilities to those people who want to train near their houses.

The leader of the Center of martial arts is Honoured coach of Russia, vice-president of kickboxing federation of Russia, chief executive officer of the branch of Russian union of martial arts in Vologda region, chief coach of the national kickboxing team, honoured worker of sport and physical culture, honoured coach of martial arts Yury Ilyich Filimonov.

In the Center the following kinds of martial arts are developed: fencing, kickboxing (full, semi- and light contact, kickboxing forms, aerokickboxing), Thai box, different styles of karate, Kyudo, wu shu, vietvodao, aikido, kendo, kobudo, jujitsu, bujinkan and also such disciplines as powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness (fitness-kids - children from the age of 3, kick-fitness), aerokickboxing, wu ming dao and a new direction of Brasil capoeira. Because of this the work with different federations of martial arts in Russia has been developed. Besides the Center of martial arts is the headquarters of virtually every regional federation of sport martial arts. It is also the center for North-West federal district for development of kickboxing, kudo, karate and fencing which have official powers of the relevant federations on the national level.

Sportsmen from the Center of martial arts take an active part in all sport festivities which are organized in town and region.

In the Center of martial arts bright sport shows are conducted which are devoted to different holidays and calendar dates with the participation of the best sportsmen. Among them are repeated champions of Russia, Europe and the world, Russian and international masters of sport.

For this purpose a theater of martial arts has been created in the Center. It is successfully developing and it is one of the main activities of the Center. It was created to carry out bright colorful unique sport show programs. Martial arts lie in their basis. They are devoted to remarkable dates, events, reception of foreign guests etc. The Center of martial arts is a frequent guest at festivals of martial arts at Russian and international level.

There is a sport-theater stunt men studio in the Center of martial arts. Its program includes acrobatics, trampoline, parkour, wu shu (working with arms), basics of acting skills, Japanese and Chinese martial arts, basics of hand-to-hand fighting, modern sport dance - pantomime, modern stunt choreography.

It is worthwhile noticing that the stunt studio is always in touch with Russian stunt studios and we can provide our stunt men for shooting areas of Russian filmmaking.

One of the most original projects of the Center of martial arts is fitness-kids project (fitness with elements of oriental martial arts. This program is designated for children at the age of 3-6 years old. The purpose of this project is to train children for different martial arts.

At the end of this stage coaches train those children further. This project enjoys great popularity among the town dwellers.

The Center of martial arts has been successfully cooperating with town and region institutions: department of domestic affairs, department of education and medical care, with all mass media (print media, regional and local television channels), city committee on sport and physical education of the city hall in Cherepovets and committee on sport and physical education of Vologda region. There is a great experience in organizing and conducting joint events, all kinds of actions, realizing different projects. The Center of martial arts initiated the campaign against drugs in Cherepovets and Vologda region. It carries out a lot of preventive work. Within the framework of this program a lot of sport events are organized which gather numerous spectators among which are children and teenagers.

Within the framework of town program the project began working. One of the project's directions is sport health improvement. In the context of this program highly qualified instructors from the Center work with groups of disabled children. They use original techniques based on health improvement aspects of different martial arts.

The Center of oriental and traditional medicine began its work on the basis of the Center of martial arts.

The Center of martial arts prepared:

  • 3 honoured masters of sport
  • 6 international masters of sport
  • 27 Russian masters of sport
  • 70 nominees for master of sport degree

During the period of activity of the Center of martial arts the following honorable titles were received:

  • 64 Russian champions
  • 11 European champions
  • 5 World champions
  • 21 winners of world championships among the youth
  • 17 prize-winners of European championships
  • 21 prize-winners of world championships

As is known the philosophy of oriental martial arts popularizes healthy life-style, high moral values, forms strong will among their followers. These kinds of sport are based on meditation and exercises training ability to command oneself, use one's energy for peaceful positive purposes.

Having mastered these techniques a young person becomes a personality oriented for high moral values, able to overcome any obstacles, protect weak people. Unlike other kinds of sport martial arts strengthen not only physical and psychological health of a young person, it also forms world outlook, facilitates spiritual advance.

The Center of martial arts is an active member of the program as part of national project on health improvement of Russian population. Conferences with the participation of different regions of Russia are constantly organized on the basis of the Center. Different Russian and international organizations are present at such conferences the World Health Organization is among them.

Every year on average over 40 competitions of different levels take place at the Center of martial arts. Among them are championships and cups of Russia for different parts of kickboxing. The number of participants is up to 500 people in each tournament.

Championship and Russian championship have been held in Cherepovets for about 5 years. Russian championship for fencing (all parts: sword, rapiers, sabre) includes 1200 people.

Every year at the basis of the Center of martial arts more than Russian 10 tournaments are held. For all big All-Russia competitions teams from over 45 regions come to the Center. Sportsmen of the Center take an active part in All-Russian and international competitions in different cities and countries (on average more than 50 competitions a year).

Annually sportsmen from the Center of martial arts - members of national teams for kickboxing, fencing and other martial arts take part in world and European championships and tournament and virtually every year receive titles of world and European champions. They represent our country with dignity at the official starts of the planet for different kinds of sport combats.

The Center of martial arts has sport connections with martial arts clubs and federations from Germany, France, the USA, Holland, Italy, China, Poland, Great Britain and other countries and also with a great number of clubs from the CIS countries and different Russian regions.

At the Center of martial arts a design studio works which develops original programs, posters, booklets, banners, diplomas etc. and practically all advertising products for all competitions held at the Center by a highly professional promotion team.

The plans of the Center are to create its own video studio where even now talented pupils are busy making educational films, commercials, music videos. The plans for the future include making game films.

Training of sport reports is planned. Now the Center has its own pages and columns in all town print media.

It goes without saying that there is a museum of sport glory in the Center where on the stands the brightest pages from the history of the Center are represented. Photos of the best sportsmen, Russian, world and European champions, numerous cups, medals, diplomas and other sport rarities are exhibited. Among them there are a lot of unique ones. These are trophies of the interesting comprehensive activities of the Center of martial arts and its best deserving pupils.

Numerous young visitors of the museum are inspired to go in for martial arts sport exactly at our Center which is also called the House of Champions.

Welcome to our hospitable Center of martial arts!!

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